• The shipping cost for all orders is $20. We provide free shipping on all orders over $250.
• All order are sent by Xpresspost within 1-2 business days of receiving payment.

• We accept payments online by Email Money Transfer, sent to [email protected].
• Make the receiver name "CLCA". Do not attach any message to the EMT. Click here to Learn more about E-Transfers.
• Please use only the [email protected] email for all communications and queries.

• We do not ship outside of Canada. No exceptions. This site is for Canadians only.
• No wholesale orders. We are retail for personal use only.

• Please do not include any order information with the EMT payment.


Step 1

Please send an Email Money Transfer to us at:
[email protected]
Use the name "CLCA" for the EMT.
Make the security question "what is it"
and the answer "greenleaf".

Step 2

Please send us a separate email at:
cocaleanull[email protected]null.com

With your order,
and mailing address.

You Can Reach Us At

cocaleafnull[email protected]