How to use Whole Coca Leaf:

For a smoother experience, pull out the bigger stalk pieces before using.

  • Start by placing about one gram of leaves in your cheek.
  • Gently suck on the leaves and squeeze them with your teeth until it is a moist wad.
  • Once it is all moistened, sprinkle two pinches of baking soda into the leaf wad to activate the coca alkaloids.
  • Continue sucking and gently squeezing the coca leaf wad between teeth and cheek.
  • Your cheek and gums should soon feel tingly and numb – Add another pinch of baking soda if needed.

You will experience increased energy and mental focus.

You can suck on leaves for about 30 minutes as they slowly dissolve. You can swallow the leaves as they dissolve, then swallow or spit out the remainder if desired. You can swallow the dissolved leaves after chewing to get the maximum effect. Energizing effects last 3-4 hours.

How to make hot Coca Tea:

Best made in a French press or teapot.

  • Boil water, let it cool for 30 seconds, then add to 1-2 Tablespoons of Regular Strength or Triple Strength Coca Tea per cup.
  • Steep for 5-7 minutes.
  • Allow powder to settle to bottom, or strain before serving.
  • For best taste, add 1-2 mint teabags and honey to flavour.

1-2 cups of tea will have a stimulating effect lasting 2-4 hours. Many people feel increased energy, greater concentration and focus. You may feel drowsy after the tea wears off.

How to make Cold Brew Coca Tea: Stir into a jug 1 to 3 grams of coca powder per 1 cup of room temperature water. Leave in fridge for 24 hours, stirring once after about 12 hours. Pour off liquid, filter out coca sediment or just pour off carefully. Flavour with sugar, mint, chamomile, black tea or as desired. Smoother taste than hot tea, less bitter. Excellent stimulating effect which lasts 2-4 hours.

How to use Coca Fusion:

Coca Fusion is a blend of powdered coca leaves, mixed with natural catalyzers and organic stevia. There are no other additives. Sweet green lemon flavor. Brew like espresso, or just put a 1-3 tablespoons into a cup of hot or cold water.

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